NEW! All the Wood Grip Options for the incredible Fuji X-T3

First, I have to say...I love the X-T3. This is my new personal workhorse camera. And I love it with each of our new grips - the Wood Grip Base and Grip Base Pro (with vertical post). These new grips give the X-T3 a unique look, tons of protection, and the extra grip and bulk needed to help improve its handling.

We are offering both the regular Grip-Base version and Grip-Base Pro version (with vertical posts). I personally love and use both depending on the lenses that I have attached. When shooting with the small WR f/2 lenses or my adapted Leica M mount lenses, I prefer the regular (lighter and smaller) Grip-Base version. When I'm using the Pro 2.8 Zooms, I much prefer the Grip-Base Pro version with the vertical aluminum post for more holding power.

Each grip version is available in our 4 current finishing options: Walnut Wood (Dark Brown), Padauk Wood (Rich/Bright Red), Bamboo (Natural Yellow), and White Oak (Distressed Black Paint).

All the different versions can be purchased HERE.

Grip-Base Pro Version Photo Gallery:

Grip-Base Version Photo Gallery: