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Padauk Wood Grip Pro

  • This NEW version is made from beautiful Padauk Wood that has this natural Red/Orange Vibrant color - we only apply a clear oil sealer!
  • J.B. Pro Wood Grip adds improved ergonomics, increased protection, and unique look to your Pro Digital Camera.
  • My Pro Wood Grip is made of strong Padauk and the vertical post is custom machined out of solid aluminum and then anodized to give a unique texture & professional look. Each J.B. Wood Grip Base is beautifully unique and over time, the oils from your skin and any dings will only add to the awesome look of the Wood Grip.
  • J.B. Pro Wood Grips are designed for full access to the battery and memory card compartment while attached. Tripod threads are also fully available through our custom Tripod Attachment Screw.
  • Wood is a great material for camera grips because of its natural properties: great strength while being lightweight and the natural grain texture it provides for grip.
  • Every Pro Wood Grip I make is guaranteed for life and I stand behind this handcrafted, made in the USA (Oklahoma) product. Thanks! - J.B.
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JBCD Padauk Wood Grip-7.jpg
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