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Sony A7II, A7RII, A7SII Grip-Case Pro

  • Add the much needed extra height and grip to your Sony A7II camera with our NEW Grip-Case Pro. Our Grip-Case also adds tons of protection and a unique look to your Sony A7II.
  • Now you can hold more confidently the larger Pro G Master Lenses without using the more bulky battery grip.
  • We use a very unique manufacturing process to achieve a completely solid grip with variable wall thickness for the perfect feel. Each Grip-Case is hand poured and hand finished. This unique process limits our daily capacity and because of high demand we will ship your order by the release date shown here.
  • J.B. Grip-Case Pro adds great protection, incredible "Grip", and awesome looks to your Sony A7II. 
  • The Grip-Case Pro is made of a truly unique material that gives a great soft feel while still having the rigidity needed for steady, one handed camera operation. Each A7II Grip-Case Pro only weighs 3.0 ounces and adds very little bulk to the camera.
  • Features include: Add the height to the A7II that allows a place for your 'pinky finger' to comfortably rest while shooting. Our solid brass custom made attachment hardware can tighten with any key or coin and includes female tripod threads for tripod use and rapid sling strap use.
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JB A7ii GripCase Pro-11.jpg
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