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Finger Grip for Sony RX100 Series

  • J.B. Wood Grip adds improved ergonomics, great custom look, and camera handling during shooting conditions.

  • Finger Grip is made of Peruvian Walnut and is handcrafted by J.B. in the USA (Oklahoma).

  • Finger Grip is applied to camera with 3M industrial strength tape that can be easily removed without harming the camera in any way.

  • My father makes the grips using six machining processes and I personally burn the J.B. brand, hand sand, and hand rub the finish to each grip. Thanks! – J.B.

  • Wood Grip is guaranteed for life to securely stay on the camera. Over time, the more wear from handling will only add to the custom look of your camera.

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JBCD RX100-6.jpg
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