About J.B.

J.B. Camera Designs is owned and operated by a passionate photographer and photo equipment enthusiast. The idea for the first custom designed GRIP-CASE came after I scratched the bottom surface of my new Fuji X100, while I was setting it down to chase my kids playing in the driveway. I tried the leather half-cases available, but did not like the flimsy nature of a leather case and the unstable base they created. I sketched out the original design, and the rest is history.

I'm excited to keep designing new protective, ergonomic improving products for high-end enthusiast cameras. Our next generation of hand-crafted premium wood and bamboo grips, have allowed me to join my two passions of photography and wood-working.

Thank you for your interest in my unique, hand-crafted, made in the USA products!

Keep shooting!

- J.B. Moore

Believer - Husband - Father - Friend - Fellow Photographer